Investment Strategy

James R. Harris Partners has historically demonstrated a pattern of profitable return on equity for investors. Our success can be attributed to our strategic approach to doing business.

• We’re very particular about the projects that we take on. Our goal is not to have the highest number of projects going at one time, but to have the highest percentage of successful projects.

• We find real estate opportunities in desirable locations with existing competitive advantages (barriers to entry) where we can still add value.

• We ensure that our financing is adequate and flexible enough to not only survive but prosper if rates change dramatically; we don’t over-leverage.

• We maintain flexibility as much as possible, not only in financing, but in zoning and planning, because markets change. No one can predict the market, interest rates, or the economy, so you have to have the flexibility and the product that can go with it. Even in a five-year loan project, you might see the market change, so you can't afford not to be able to change that project, at least to a point where you are following the market. For example, in a residential development, we typically start out with a few lot sizes to see what the market is. It might decide it doesn't want 70 ft. lots, that builders can't sell houses on 70 ft. lots. They want an 80 ft. lot or a 60 ft. lot. Having the ability to change the lot sizes going forward is essential to the success of the development.

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